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GE 9L D Linear Probe


The GE Voluson E10 is the top-of-the-line premium 4D OB/GYN ultrasound machine. The E10 supersedes but does not replace the lower priced Voluson E8. The E10 offers 4 times the processing power of the E8 a larger screen, sophisticated beam formation and new rendering technologies.

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Description: 2D Wide Band Linear Transducer
Bandwidth: 2.4 – 10 MHz (Vivid E9), 2 – 8 MHz (Logiq E9. Logiq S8), 3 – 8 MHz (Voluson E6, E8 Expert)
Applications: Vascular (Vivid E9, Logiq E9, S8), Musculoskeletal (Vivid E9, Voluson E6, E8 Expert), Thyroid (Vivid E9), Contrast (Vivid E9), Small Parts (Logiq E9, S8, Voluson E6, E8 Expert), Pediatrics (Logiq E9, S8, Voluson E6, E8 Expert), Abdominal (Logiq E9, S8), Peripheral Vascular (Voluson E6, E8 Expert), Breast (Voluson E6, E8 Expert), Obstetrics (Voluson E6, E8 Expert)
Footprint: 5.31 x 13.8 mm (Voluson E8 Expert), 14 x 53 mm (Vivid E9)
Field of View: 43.0 mm
Compatibility: Vivid E9, Logiq E9, Logiq E9 with XDClear, Logiq S8, Voluson E8 Expert
Biopsy Guide: 9L (Voluson E8 Expert), Multi angle, Disposable with a reusable bracket

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