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Cypress Plus Portable

The ACUSON Cypress™ cardiovascular system PLUS is a mid-size portable, easy-to-use, all-digital phased and linear array system that provides a high performance cardiovascular platform for complete studies and outstanding images – even on the most technically difficult patients.

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  • System Overview

    12.1″ LCD Monitor
    Color Doppler Velocity mode
    Pulsed Wave Spectral Doppler mode
    Continuous Wave Spectral Doppler mode
    Color Doppler Energy (CDE) mode
    (Power-Amplitude Doppler)
    14GB Integrated hard disk drive available
    Integrated magneto-optical disk drive MOD
    IMT (option)
    DICOM (option)
    Advanced Triggering (option)
    Audio Input
    No Video input
    Video ouput: NTSC, PAL, S-Video, Composite interlaced RGB, VGA,

  • Connectivity

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  • Transducers

    3V2c Sector
    7V3c Pediatric Sector
    7L3 Linear
    C1 Convex
    V5Ms TEE
    Aux CW
    AcuNav 10F
    AcuNav 8F

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