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GE Logiq P6

The Logiq P6 ultrasound machine upgraded the monitor to a 17″ LCD over the 15″ on the Logiq P5. It enhanced the imaging and offers 2 probes for Urology for that area of specialty, both the BE9CS with a 10mm aperture and the ERB Transrectal with the 5mm aperture.

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  • System Overview

    GE Logiq P6 Ultrasound
    17″ LCD screen
    160GB Hard Drive
    Color Doppler
    PW Doppler
    Speckle Reduction Imaging
    ATO – optimize image
    Power Doppler
    CW Doppler

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  • Features

    Advanced dual beamformer helps deliver excellent spatial and temporal resolution, while maintaining high frame rates.
    High Definition Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI-HD) helps eliminate noise while maintaining true tissue architecture.
    CrossXBeam* imaging helps enhance tissue and border differentiation.
    Auto Optimization (AO) helps increase contrast resolution.
    Auto TGC helps provide homogenous brightness to the image and enhance clarity.
    Phase Inversion Harmonics helps provide high spatial resolution and deep penetration.
    3D/4D imaging helps reveal anatomical details.
    Auto IMT provides an efficient, reproducible method for carotid artery analysis.

  • Transducers

    4C Convex
    5CS Convex
    8C Microconvex
    4D3C-L 3D Volume Convex (2.2-4.1MHz)
    4D5C-L 3D Volume Convex (3-5.8MHz)
    4D8C 3D Microconvex
    4DE7C 4D Endocavity
    3S Sector Phased Array
    3Sp Sector Phased Array (better image, more expensive)
    5Sp Sector Phased Array (2-8.0MHz)
    8L Linear
    9L Linear
    11L Linear
    ML6-15 Matrix Linear
    BE9CS BiPlane 10mm
    E8C Endocavity
    E8Cs Endocavity (4-10.0MHz)
    ERB Transrectal (Urology) 5mm
    T739 Interoperative (looks like a “T”)
    6Tc TEE

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