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GE Vivid E90 Ultrasound Machine

GE Vivid E90 with Csound paired with the XDClear technology captures data from every channel in the probe to deliver spectacular 2D images with greater penetration. Color Flow XDclear transducer technology provides excellent color sensitivity, contrast resolution and spectral crispness.

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  • System Overview

    22” High Resolution Wide Screen OLED Monitor
    Color Doppler
    12” LCD screen,
    Operating Modes:
    2D Tissue
    2D Color Flow
    2D Angio Flow
    Tissue Velocity M-mode
    CW Doppler
    Tissue M-mode
    Pulse Wave Doppler
    Anatomical M-mode
    Curved Anatomical M-mode
    Tissue Velocity Imaging
    Tissue Tracking
    Tissue Velocity Doppler
    Blood Flow
    2D Virtual Apex Imaging
    Compound Imaging
    5 probe ports
    ECG port
    Ports: DVI-I Output, Ethernet, USB 2.0 ports

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  • Transducers

    M5Sc-D XDclear Active Matrix Single Crystal Phased Array Probe
    12S-D Phased Array Probe
    9L-D Linear Array Probe
    11L-D Linear Array Probe
    C1-6-D XDclear Curved Array Probe (Convex)
    C2-9-D XDclear Curved Array Probe (Convex)
    8C Micro Convex Probe
    IC5-9-D Endocavity Probe
    P2D Pencil Probe
    P6D Pencil Probe
    6Tc TEE Probe
    6VT-D TEE probe
    9T TEE Probe

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