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Philips Epiq 5 Ultrasound System

Philips Epiq 5 offers affordable premium imaging for cardiovascular applications. With the improvement of acoustic acquisition and processing, you are provided more reasons to invest in a Philips Epiq 5 ultrasound machine for your practice or hospital.

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  • Specification
  • Features
  • transducers
  • System Overview

    Spectral Doppler
    Auto color and auto Doppler
    Steerable continuous wave (CW) Doppler
    Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI/TDI PW)
    3D/4D and MPR imaging (hybrid transducers)
    Freehand 3D volume and MPR imaging
    Spatio-Temporal Image Correlation (STIC) imaging
    Panoramic imaging
    Contrast imaging – cardiovascular
    Contrast imaging – general imaging
    Interventional imaging
    2D imaging
    Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI)
    Color Doppler
    Color Power Angio imaging (CPA)
    Strain-based elastography
    Shear wave elastography
    3 System controls
    3.1 Optimization controls
    2D Grayscale imaging
    Next generation SonoCT real-time compound imaging
    XRES adaptive image processing
    Live volume imaging/Live 3D echo (GI/WHC)
    Tissue aberration correction (TAC)
    Coded beamforming
    iSCAN intelligent optimization
    AutoSCAN intelligent optimization
    iOPTIMIZE intelligent optimization

  • Connectivity

  • Features

  • Transducers

    Curved array
    C10-3v broadband curved array with PureWave crystal technology
    C10-4ec broadband curved array
    C9-2 broadband curved array with PureWave crystal technology
    C8-5 broadband curved array
    C5-1 broadband curved array with PureWave crystal technology

    Volume array
    V6-2 broadband curved array
    3D9-3v broadband curved array

    Linear array
    L18-5 broadband linear array
    L15-7io broadband compact linear array
    L12-5 50 broadband linear array
    L12-3 broadband linear array

    Sector Array:
    S5-1 broadband sector array with PureWave crystal technology
    S8-3 sector array
    S12-4 sector array
    S7-3t sector array TEE
    X7-2t xMATRIX array TEE with PureWave technology

    D5cwc CW transducer (Pedoff)
    D2cwc CW transducer (Pedoff)
    D2tcd PW transducer (Pedoff)

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