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Philips HD11xe Ultrasound Systems

Philips HD11xe offers a complete digital imaging system with high definition imaging. Capabilities include general imaging to cardiac and 4D.  You have the leverage to choose many options like SonoCT – spatial compounding, Contrast Imaging – detect harmonic agent signatures, and move seamlessly through 2D and Doppler modes right into breathtaking 4D studies. You can’t go wrong with this machine.

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  • System Overview

    20″ LCD Monitor or CRT for the HD11
    Color Doppler
    Anatomical M-mode
    Color Angio
    Tissue Harmonic Imaging
    Freehand 3D
    Tissue Doppler Imaging
    SonoCT – spatial compounding
    XRES – eliminates speckle noise artifact, enhancing borders and margins for better diagnostic review.,
    2D with Pulse Inversion Harmonic Imaging -superb grayscale presentation.
    Contrast Imaging – used on S3-1 and C5-2
    Panoramic Imaging – extended view of images by moving the transducer laterally across the anatomy.,
    Data management and connectivity

  • Connectivity

  • Features

    STIC – Spatial Temporal Image Correlation

  • Transducers

    V8-4 3D/4D Volume Convex
    V6-2 3D/4D Volume Convex
    3D8-4 3D/4D Volume Convex
    3D6-2 Volume Convex
    C5-2 (21426A) Convex
    C6-3 Convex
    C8-5 MicroConvex
    C9-4 MicroConvex
    L8-4 linear
    L12-3 Linear
    L12-5 Linear
    C9-5ec Endocavity
    C8-4v Intracavity
    BP10-5ec Intracavitary
    3D9-3v 3D/4D Volume Transvaginal
    S8-3 Cardiac
    S7-3t TEE
    S7-2 Omni III TEE
    S4-2 Cardiac
    S3-1 Cardiac
    S12-4 Cardiac
    L15-7io Intraoperative
    D5cwc Doppler Non-Imaging
    D2tcd Pedoff
    D2cwc Pedoff

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