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Samsung R7 Ultrasound Machine

The Samsung R7 was launched in 2011 as the Medison SonoAce R7. When Samsung purchased Medison later that year it continued developing the R7 and continues to produce it to this day in an improved form.

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  • Specification
  • Features
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  • System Overview

    Year Launched 2010
    Estimated Market Price ($) Economy
    Monitor (inch) 17" LCD
    Tilt/Rotate Adjustable Monitor Tiltable
    Monitor Resolution 1280x1024
    Trackball or Trackpad Trackball
    Weight 61kg
    Probe Ports 3
    Maximum Depth of Field 30cm
    Minimum Depth of Field 2cm
    Independent Steer & Lockable Wheels

  • Connectivity

  • Features

    Tissue Harmonic Imaging
    Spatial Compounding(=CrossXbeam)
    Speckle Reduction (=SRI)
    Auto Image Opt(B mode)
    Write Zoom
    Triplex Mode
    Auto IMT
    Live Dual (B/BC) Mode
    Raw Data File
    Flexible Report

  • Transducers

    Convex (1~6Mhz)
    Micro Convex (5~8Mhz)
    Endocavity_Curved Type (5~8Mhz)
    3D Convex (2~6Mhz)
    3D Endocavity (3~10Mhz)
    3D Linear (4~18Mhz)
    Linear (3~12Mhz)
    Linear (<9Mhz)
    Linear 50mm
    Phased Array_Adult (1~5Mhz)
    Phased Array_Pediatric (3~8hz)
    Pencil CW (2Mhz)
    Pencil CW (5 or 6Mhz)

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