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Samsung WS80A Ultrasound Machine

Phenomenal intelligence behind the 5D Heart Tool to display nine standard fetal heart cardiac views. This will shorten the examination time and add to a more accurate diagnosis with confidence. A thorough evaluation with a robust machine like the WS80A is making technological advances under the Samsung acquisition.

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  • System Overview

    10.1″ LCD Touchscreen
    23″ LED Display
    Adjustable control panel for height
    Hybrid Beamforming Engine
    Color Doppler
    5D Stereo Cine
    ClearVision (SRI, Edge Enhancement)
    Optional 5D Heart Tool

  • Connectivity

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  • Transducers

    CA1-7A Convex
    CA2-8A Convex
    CF4-9 Microconvex
    C2-6 Convex
    SC1-6 Convex
    LA3-16A Linear
    L5-13 Linear
    L3-12A Linear
    CV1-8A Volume Convex
    LV3-14A volume Linear
    V4-8 Volume Convex
    V5-9 Volume Transvaginal

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