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Siemens SC2000 Ultrasound System

Superior architecture platform that delivers 16x the processing power of a high-performance 2D ultrasound system. Automated volume quantification makes 3D echocardiography practical for everyday clinical use. eSie LVA™ volume LV analysis and eSie PISA™ volume analysis answer cardiology’s most common questions on ventricular function and valvular disease within seconds for a full range of patients.

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  • System Overview

    20″ LCD monitor on articulating arm
    Color Doppler
    eSie Measure™
    Auto volume LV analysis
    Auto Left Ventricular Analysis
    ICE [intracardiac echocardiography]
    Volume 3D / 4D
    2D, 3D, Color and Pulsed Wave Doppler
    4D Cardiac imaging
    eSieScan workflow
    eSie Touch elasticity imaging
    Virtual Touch imaging
    Cadence contrast pulse sequencing technology
    Contrast Dynamics software
    Physiologic integration
    Volume quantification
    3 Probe ports
    64 Parallel Receive Beams
    Rapid Stress
    Volume Stress Echo
    16 Times the processing power of conventional ultrasound systems
    2.88 GB/Sec. Information Rate

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  • Transducers

    6C2 Convex
    4C1 Convex
    7CF2 Volume 3D Convex
    18L6 HD Linear
    14L5 Linear
    14L5 Linear SP
    9L4 Linear
    4V1 Vector/Abdomen
    4V1c Sector
    8V3 Sector
    4P1 Sector
    10V4 Neonatal Sector
    EV8C4 Endovaginal
    EC9-4 Endocavity
    9EVF4 4D Endocavity for Fetal Echo, Neonatal
    CW2 Pedoff
    CW5 Pedoff
    V5Ms TEE
    ACUNAV 8F+

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