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Toshiba Aplio 500 Ultrasound System

Welcome to the Toshiba Aplio 500, the crème de la crème in ultrasound systems. Outstanding image quality, exceptional depth and the most advanced digital signal processing to control the ultrasonic beams. If you have the budget, go for this Gold. The Toshiba Aplio 500 is the most advanced ultrasound in the Toshiba line (until the CV gets unveiled in 2016). The harmonics will give you deeper tissue definition and resolution. Precision Imaging delivers outstandingly smooth images with significantly sharpened outline of lesions, enhanced image uniformity and reduced clutter. Ultrasound Probes are lighter, more ergonomic and provide even cleaner images. Correlating different imaging modalities in real-time, Smart Fusion allows you to locate difficult lesions faster.

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  • System Overview

    19” LCD monitor
    Color Doppler
    PW Doppler
    Panoramic View
    High Density Beamforming
    Tissue Specific Optimization (TSO)
    Advanced Precision
    Modular, easily-upgradable design
    3D/4D imaging package (Fly Thru is a stunning technology that lets you virtually dive into a volume data set to explore cavities, ducts and ­vessels from the inside and in 3D)
    One-touch Quick Scan
    Programmable buttons
    Full DICOM® connectivity

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  • Transducers

    6C1 (PVT-375BT) Convex Probe (Abdomen, OB) 1-6MHz
    6Cs1 (PVT-375SC) (Abdomen, OB) 1-6MHz
    6MC1 (PVT-382BT) Microconvex Probe (Abdomen) 1-6MHz
    10C3 (PVT-674BT) Convex Probe (Abdomen, OB) 3-10Mz
    11MC4 (PVT-712BT) Microconvex Probe (Neonatal Head, Pediatric) 4-11MHz
    10L4 (PLT-604AT) Linear Probe (Peripheral Vascular) 4-10MHz
    18LX7 (PLT-1204BX) Linear (small parts, breast) 7.2-18.0MHz

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