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Toshiba Aplio MX Ultrasound System

Toshiba Aplio MX maintains some nice features that in turn, deliver nice images (Differential Tissue Harmonics, Aplipure, Precision Imaging), produce faster results (One-touch Quickscan) and ultimately maximize the overall quality of your exams (IASSIST™) through workflow management.

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  • System Overview

    19″ LCD Monitor
    Color Doppler
    PW Doppler
    USB Ports
    DVI Interface
    Panoramic View,
    Tissue Specific Optimization (TSO)
    Advanced Precision
    3D/4D imaging package
    Quick Scan

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  • Transducers

    PVT-375MV Convex
    PVT-674BT Convex
    PVT-712BT MicroConvex
    PLT-604AT Linear
    PVT-575MV 3D Convex
    PLT-1202S Interoperative
    PLT-1204AT Small Parts Linear
    PLT-1204MV Linear
    PLT-704SBT Linear
    PLT-1204BX Linear
    PLT-805AT Linear
    PST-25BT Sector
    PST-30BT Sector
    PST-50BT Pediatric Sector
    PST-65AT Pediatric Sector
    PVT-661VT Transvaginal
    PVT-675MV 3D Volume Convex
    PVT-681MV 3D Volume Endovaginal
    PVT-770RT BiPlane Transrectal
    PVT-745BTV Convex/Abdomen
    PC-20M CW Pencil
    PC-50M CW Pencil
    PET-508MA TEE
    PET-510MA TEE
    PET-510MB TEE
    PET-512MC TEE

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