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Toshiba Aplio XG Ultrasound System

With the clinical performance of the Aplio XG bundled with advanced technologies, this ultrasound machine lets you visualize minute tissue details and vascular structures with precision. The precision goes deep with unprecedented clarity in the images.

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  • System Overview

    19” LCD monitor
    Color Doppler
    PW Doppler
    ApliPure – spatial compounding
    QuickScan – one touch optimize
    STIC [Spatio-Temporal Imaging Correlation]
    Speckle Reduction
    120GB HDD
    Panoramic Zoom
    DTHI – Differential Tissue Harmonic Imaging
    Advanced Dynamic Flow
    Micro Flow Imaging
    HPRF [High Pulse Repetition Frequency]
    DVI interface
    USB ports
    3 active transducer ports

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  • Features

  • Transducers

    PVT-375AX Convex
    PVT-375BT Convex
    PVT-382BT Convex
    PVT-375AT Abdominal
    PST-37CT Abdominal
    PVT-575MV Volume Convex
    PLT-1202S Linear
    PLT-1204AT Linear
    PLT-1204AX Linear
    PLT-1204MV Volume Linear
    PLT-604AT Linear
    PLT-704AT Linear
    PLT-704SBT Linear
    PLT-805AT Linear
    PST-25AT Cardiac
    PST-30BT Cardiac
    PST-50AT Cardiac
    PST-65AT Cardiac
    PVT-661VT Endovaginal
    PVT-770RT Biplane ER
    PC-20M CW Pencil
    PET-508 MA Pediatric TEE
    PET-510MB TEE
    PLT-1202S Intraoperative

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