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Toshiba Nemio XG Ultrasound System

The Toshiba Nemio XG is a more compact ultrasound system in the Toshiba family. It offers an LCD monitor on a compact, more portable small ultrasound machine. With the smart keys and image quality that Toshiba delivers,

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    15″ LCD Monitor on an Articulating Arm for Easy Viewing
    PW Doppler
    Color Flow Mapping
    Panoramic Zoom
    Trapezoidal imaging
    Tissue Harmonics ,
    Dual and Quad screen
    Advanced Dynamic Flow
    CD/DVD, 3 Transducer Ports (2 Active, 3rd option)

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  • Transducers

    PVM-375AT Convex
    PVF-575AT Convex
    PLM-503AT Linear
    PLM-703AT Linear
    PLM-805AT Linear
    PLM-1204AT Linear
    PVF-381MT MicroConvex
    PSM-25AT Cardiac
    PSM-30BT Cardiac
    PSM-37AT Cardiac
    PSM-50AT Pediatric Cardiac
    PSM-70AT Pediatric Cardiac
    PSM-37CT Cardiac
    PEF-510MB TEE
    PC-19M Pencil
    VF-620ST Endocavity
    PVM-621VT Endocavity
    PVM-651VT Endocavity

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